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A complete overhead

power line service

Rosebank Engineering provides a complete maintenance, fault restoration and upgrade service for the overhead network, including both scheduled and emergency works. We are able to:

  • Survey and establish solutions to ESQCR defects
  • Carry out service renewals, installations and alterations
  • Construct and refurbish 11kV to 132kV lines
  • Perform asset commissioning as required
  • Supply fully authorised linesmen to work on 11kV to 132kV lines

The extensive field experience of our OHL teams in both HV and LV network systems ensures we complete even complex projects with minimum disruption and safe provision of operational voltage levels.

All work is carried out by qualified personnel and authorised linesmen, working under the supervision of an externally accredited SAP to ensure strict compliance with all electrical safety and safe working systems and procedures.

Find out more about how Rosebank Engineering can help you with power line maintenance:

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